Saturday, October 6, 2012

Students visiting Andrea Hirata Words Museum

Enthusiastic visitors of Museum Kata Andrea Hirata

Cerpen Andrea Hirata yang belum pernah diterbitkan- Hirata's Unpublished Short Stories- available at the Museum only

Andrea Hirata's Writing Room

Literary Art-painting- in Mahar Room


Explore and Discover the uniqueness of a literary museum

Read, Listen, Learn

Over 200 years old original Malay architecture 1

Traditional Malay Kitchen

A Room dedicated to the world class writers

Music ArtCheology-Literary Art by Andrea Hirata

Poetry and Music-Andrea Hirata and Meda

Story Telling at the Museum

Over 200 years old original Malay architecture 2

Do I Inspire You-poetry and photography-Literary Art by Andrea Hirata

Visitors reciting poems at the Museum

The First Edition of Umberto Eco's "The Name of The Rose"

Museum's Music Appreciation-
featuring Meda-Indonesia's Folk Contemporary Singer(